Easy to Install, easy to get blogging with our WordPress install

WordPress is an award-winning blogging platform that hundreds of thousands new websites and blogs use. FutureServers makes it easy to install WordPress and ready for you to use on your own domain name. You can then, get going and choose your own custom themes, plug-ins and build your own site.

WordPress is best suited for personal websites and small businesses as well as for blogging. Almost all WordPress installations are satisfied using our Standard Web Hosting package offering from 1GB dataspace, 2GB / month bandwidth and email hosting.

WordPress Installations will soon be available at the click of a button, but for now call us on 02392 478 918 or email: admin@futureservers.net

While we happily host and install WordPress sites we prefer to use the more robust Concrete5 CMS and for E-Commerce we recommend OpenCart.

Free install with all our web hosting packages.