Report spam

At FutureServers we are dedicated to reducing spam. We make use of many third party spam filtering lists such as Spamhaus and tools such as SpamAssassin, alongside our own dedicated cluster spam filtering servers. We pro-actively update and manage our own filters on a daily basis. 

Spam as a percentage of total email traffic for Q1 2014 is widely estimated to be about 66%. We are now running dedicated spam servers, running on machines hosted around the world, ensuring redundancy, fail-over and quality of service.

An important part of our spam prevention service includes you, the customer. If you are seeing a higher than usual level of spam, please fill in the form below to help us to improve our spam filters.



If you are unsure what to enter into the above form, simply forward the spam email to with the subject "Spam Notification" and we will take care of it.