Partnerships - Reseller Programme

Our entry level reseller scheme is ideal for web designers and developers expecting at least 10 clients (in the first 12 months) and are able to offer first line support to those clients.

If you require hosting for an individual website, please see our "Standard Web Hosting Packages". If you fall somewhere between these two categories then please contact us to discuss how we may help.

FutureServers ethos is one of pro-active support. We work in partnership with you, so rather than waiting for you to call us, we 'keep an eye' on your virtual servers, and contact you if we feel we can assist. We also keep in regular contact and share information and skills: we want to help your business to prosper.

Expanding portfolio:

FutureServers have an expanding list of additional services to help you "grow your business". Amongst this range we can provide generic and bespoke PHP scripting services: a useful complement to in-house skills for some of our resellers.

Resources and pricing:

FutureServers believe in allocating a sensible amount of resources (bandwidth, webspace, and POP3 accounts) for each domain hosted. We also allow you to aggregate those resources across all of your accounts with us. Pricing is on a per domain and per service level basis, and you can find more details of the overall structure on our pricing page.

Instant server set-up and preview:

When you place an order for a new virtual server, FTP settings and a unique preview facility are usually available within half an hour (during normal working hours) to enable you to start building the web site for your client. It can however take 24 hours or more for domain names to become active, or longer for transfers from some Registrars.

This facility has proved so popular that we are putting in place systems that will allow instant server set-up and preview 24/7/365 for established resellers.

Reseller programme

Email services:

FutureServers operates dual-centred geographically diverse email servers, so that incoming mail to your clients will always be deliverable even if certain segments of the Internet infrastructure became "disconnected". We operate an aggressive anti-virus screening of all emails sent via our servers; this is a process we will be expanding and refining over the coming months. Anti-Spam measures have also been put in place and will be extended shortly.

Geographically diverse DNS:

All websites should have two domain name servers. These should be located in geographically diverse locations to minimise the chances of websites being temporarily "lost" due to infrastructure/routing problems. FutureServers have provided this facility since the day it was established.