Domain Transfers


Domains that are already registered can easily be transferred to FutureServers to host and look after. We try to keep our web hosting, domain mapping and parking charges simple.

If you have not already registered your chosen domain name, use our Domain Name LookUp to check availability.

Although a relatively simple process we try to make domain transfers as easy as possible for you:

  1. We recommend that you contact us, either call us on 02392 478 918 or email: We will ask you to confirm anything in writing so email may be best: we will ask for the full domain name and where it is currently held.

  2. If it is a .uk domain you will need to ask your current host to change the IPS Tag to FUTURESERVERS (all upper case).

  3. For other domains such as .com you will need to ask your current host for an Authorisation Code (normally referred to as the Auth Code).

The Domain Transfer process can be complicated but only really due to each host having slightly different procedures. Some hosting companies make domain transfers from them more difficult by not making it obvious where on their control panels the process is initiated.

Some Domain Name Registrars charge for domains being transferred away, we do not. Such a charge is unusual. A more common practise is for there to be a small charge where the Registrar has paid renewal fees on your behalf in advance.

Normally a domain can be transferred within an hour, however we usually suggest allowing 48 hours and can be longer. The time taken is down to the speed and actions of the current host.

To get started call us now on 02392 478 918.

  • Log in to your control panel and select View Domain Names from the Hosting menu.

  • A list of your domain names will appear. In the list click on the domain you would like to transfer to FUTURESERVERS.

  • In the Domain Management screen, click Change next to the IPS Tag. Enter FutureServers IPS tag which is FUTURESERVERS. Then click Transfer Out.

  • If you are transferring a non .uk domain name you will only have to Unlock the domain in Step 2.

  • Log in to your 123-reg account and Control Panel.

  • Select the domain name you wish to transfer to FUTURESERVERS in the drop-down list and click on the Manage button.

  • Click on Manage Domain Locking and Unlock the domain name. Then return to the previous menu.

  • Click on Request Authorisation Code. The authorisation code will be emailed to the administrator associated with domain name.

  • For a .UK domain enter FutureServers IPS tag which is FUTURESERVERS. Then click Transfer Out.

  • Log into your GoDaddy Account Manager, select Domain and then Launch. You need to unlock your domain so deselect Lock Domain, then press OK.
  • Make a note of the authorisation code given and select that you want it to be sent to the administrator of the domain (via email). If necessary scroll down to Authorisation code and click on “Email my code”
  • If you have Protected Registration or DBP Private Registration with GoDaddy, you will need to cancel this if you want to transfer your domain away from them, to do this you’ll need to submit a Request for 'Protected Registration Cancellation' form with GoDaddy.
  • For .UK domains GoDaddy should allow you to enter FutureServers’ IPS tag which is FUTURESERVERS. Then click Transfer Out.