Email Hosting


If you need to access your email while you are out and about, then our Webmail Solution may be what you're looking for. This operates in parallel with normal POP3 access, and can be found at

Anti-virus Screening

Don't forget that all email passing through FutureServers servers is subject to an aggressive anti-virus screening (signatures updated hourly) at no extra charge. Although this has proved exceptionally effective in the past, we still strongly recommend that EVERY computer connected to the Internet or likely to receive email from the Internet should be equipped with active anti-virus protection (and the signatures must be updated regularly - preferably at least daily).

Anti-spam Measures

Over the last few years we have developed extensive anti-Spam measures, although due to the ever-changing goalposts associated with Spam we are unlikely to catch it all.

Our current measures (which regularly deal with several hundred thousand Spam emails each week) include utilisation of the excellent UK run SpamHaus project and other Internationally recognised RBL services, in tandem with our own in-house systems which are constantly being fine-tuned.

If you have a requirement that your current email solution doesn't meet, then we would be pleased to hear from you - and can often suggest ways of achieving the functionality you require! Please call us on 02392 478 918 or email: