Domain Names

Domain Parking from £12.50pa


FutureServers Domain Parking: This is a "no services" option - it merely registers the domain name you have chosen in your name, for you to make use of in the future. Emails sent to the domain cannot be accessed, and anyone trying to visit a website using the domain will only see a "Held on behalf of a FutureServers client" holding page.


*Prices -

25.00 for two years [.uk domains]

£34.00 for two years [.eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .de domains]

£59.50 for two years ['alternative' domains]


Domain Mapping


FutureServers Domain Mapping: This registers the domain name you have chosen in your name, and provides email forwarding (to an existing POP3 email account you have elsewhere) and optionally a web mapping service so that anyone trying to visit a website using the domain will be redirected to webspace you already have available elsewhere - for example your may have access to free web space. [This can also be used in conjunction with a FutureServers hosting solution to allow two or more domain names to share the same website - annual charges rather than biennial then available].


*Prices -

£42.50 for two years [UK domains]
£51.00 for two years [.eu, .com, Net, .org, Info, Biz .de domains]
£76.50 for two years ['alternative' domains]

Domain Mapping Plus


FutureServers Domain Mapping PLUS: All the details for this are the same as for Domain Mapping above, except you also get a POP3 ("catchall" or specific addresses) email facility, enabling you to use the email without any other accounts elsewhere. This can be used in conjunction with most Internet connections and as with all our products can be easily upgraded to full hosting at a later date. Webmail is available as standard with this service - no extra charge - visit http://your-domain/webmail/ to access this. 
NB: SMTP delivery of Spam filtered mail to your office server is not available with this product, please choose Mars Hosting instead.


*Prices -

£38.50 per annum [UK domains]
£42.50 per annum [.eu, .com, Net, .org, Info, Biz .de domains]
£55.50 per annum ['alternative' domains]

Not Sure?


If you're not sure which of the above options best suits your requirements, then please don't hesitate to give us a ring, or drop us an email, outlining your needs and we'll be more than happy to advise.


Anti-Virus Screening


All email sent to domains we provide email services for is subject to aggressive anti-Virus and anti-Spam filtering. Please be aware that if you collect your email through an external POP3 service, there is potential for mail to arrive in that account direct, thus not having been checked for Spam or Viruses. In any case, we cannot guarantee to stop all Spam & Viruses, due to the continual appearance of new variants, and strongly recommend that ANY computer connected to the Internet or capable of receiving email, should be equipped with active anti-virus software. 

Server Whois

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Domain Name Search & Domain Registration

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FutureServers domain parking, mapping and mapping plus services are ideal for many people who don't need to take advantage of our commercial hosting facilities. As your needs change, we offer an easy and cost effective upgrade path through our various levels of service.

Grab your domain name!

Domain names are issued on a 'first come first served' basis, so as soon as you've identified a name that you would like, you should move quickly, and ensure it is registered in your name.Check domain name now

* Prices shown below are + VAT at the prevailing rate and for cheque/BACS payment only, credit cards not currently accepted.